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Field: Randol Elementary

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The goals at Randol are property of BBA. Please contact FC for more information

Address:762 Sunset Glen Dr.
San Jose, CA 95123
Start address:


 A  Randol: 

Practice Fields:

 1  Randol North East #1 : 
 2  Randol South East #2 : 
 3  Randol North West #3 : 
 4  Randol South West #4 : 
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Field Setup

  • unlock goals and container, done by field coordinator
  • coaches to move and install portable goals on the field
  • nets remain attached to the portable goals
  • install corner flag

Field Takedown

  • coaches, move goals back near the storage container,they will be locked by the field coordinator
  • nets remain attached to goal
  • field coordinators will secure equipment just leave it near the storage container
  • coaches are responsibile to have their team collect trash and litter and to take garbage bags to the dumpster, located in the parking lot area at the front of the school, do not leave plastice garbage bags in the garbage cans
  • collect corner flags and put them by the storage container. Please make sure all garbage is removed from fields prior to departing or you will not be able to use Randol School in the future!

Field Coordinator

Field Email Contactuse to send email to Field Coordinator (click to show email)
Field CoordinatorRick Simons (click to show email) 1-408-227-4163

Upcoming games on Randol

Datesunset and sunrise9:30am10:15am10:45am11:00am11:30amnoon12:15pm12:30pm12:45pm1:30pm1:45pm2:00pm2:30pm2:45pm3:00pm3:15pm4:00pm4:15pm4:30pm5:00pm5:15pm
Sat. Oct. 4, 2014 [edit]7:06 - 6:45SSJ Shining Stars (GU10 R)SSJ Academy 05B Yellow (BU9 C)SSJ Academy 06G Blue (GU8 C)
Sat. Oct. 11, 2014 [edit]7:12 - 6:35SSJ Dynamite (GU10 R)SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C)SSJ CAA Corinthians FC (BU11 C)SSJ Dragons (BU10 R)SSJ Academy 04G Blue (GU10 C)SSJ Bulls (BU10 R)SSJ Dynamites (BU10 R)
Sat. Oct. 18, 2014 [edit]7:19 - 6:26SSJ Earthquakes (BU10 R)SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C)SSJ Falcons (BU10 R)
Sat. Oct. 25, 2014 [edit]7:26 - 6:17SSJ Tornadoes (GU10 R)
Sat. Nov. 1, 2014 [edit]7:33 - 6:09SSJ Dynamite (GU10 R)SSJ Shining Stars (GU10 R)SSJ Dragons (BU10 R)SSJ Earthquakes (BU11 C)
Sat. Nov. 8, 2014 [edit]6:40 - 5:02SSJ Dynamite (GU10 R)SSJ Bulls (BU10 R)SSJ Cosmos (BU10 R)SSJ Falcons (BU10 R)
Sat. Nov. 22, 2014 [edit]6:55 - 4:53SSJ Academy 06B White (BU8 C)SSJ Earthquakes (BU11 C)SSJ Alphas 03G Blue (GU11 C)SSJ Academy 05B Blue (BU9 C)SSJ Academy 06B Blue (BU8 C)SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C)

Practice Schedule for the 4 fields

Randol North East #1 SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C) SSJ Academy 06B Blue (BU8 C) SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C) SSJ Academy 06B Blue (BU8 C)
Randol South East #2 SSJ Academy 05B Blue (BU9 C) SSJ Academy 06B White (BU8 C) SSJ Academy 05B Blue (BU9 C) SSJ Academy 06B White (BU8 C)
Randol North West #3 SSJ Academy 05B White (BU9 C) SSJ Academy 06B Yellow (BU8 C) SSJ Academy 05B White (BU9 C) SSJ Academy 06B Yellow (BU8 C)
Randol South West #4 SSJ Tsunami (BU10 R) SSJ Tsunami (BU10 R)

Field Maintenance

The FC is at Randol every Wednesday from 4:30 to 7pm to open and close the shed to access the paint and marking equipment. Teams that cannot make it on Wednesday need to e-mail the FC ahead of time to make other arrangements. Fields have to be marked! Field maintenance on this field is usually done on Wednesday.

Wed. Sep. 24, 2014SSJ Academy 05B White (BU9 C)
Wed. Oct. 1, 2014SSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C)
Wed. Oct. 8, 2014SSJ CAA Corinthians FC (BU11 C)
Wed. Oct. 15, 2014SSJ Tsunami (BU10 R)
Wed. Oct. 22, 2014SSJ Shining Stars (GU10 R)
Wed. Oct. 29, 2014SSJ Falcons (BU10 R)
Wed. Nov. 5, 2014SSJ Dragons (BU10 R)
Wed. Nov. 12, 2014SSJ Academy 05B Blue (BU9 C)

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