[SSJ-Coaches] Schedule posted to website for most teams

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Thu Apr 5 23:42:35 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

the schedule has been posted to the website. Times and dates
for games are visible in multiple places:

- You can find your home games on your teams webpage
- You can find all games for a certain field on that fields
  web page: http://www.ssjysl.org/fields.shtml
- you can find all games for a certain day on the game schedule
  page: http://www.ssjysl.org/schedule.shtml
  or via the website calendar.

However, there were 6 teams on the schedule I got from Rosemary
that have not edited their teams webpage to include the Team's
name. Those teams could not be posted as I simply had no idea
which team was meant.

The teams I could not find are:
        - Showstoppers
        - Blue Thunder
        - Fusion
        - Sparks
And two teams that play at Oakridge:
        - Sharks
        - USA

If you are the coach of one of those teams please go to your
teams web page, and follow these instructions:
to add at the very least your teams name. Once I see your
name I will add your games to the schedule. Please do this as
quickly as possible to avoid that another team snaps up your

If there are any questions or you find an error please let
me know.

Greetings, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner                                          claudio at fleiner.com

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