[SSJ-Coaches] game listings on web site

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Sun Apr 15 22:08:23 PDT 2007


some of you have tried various ways to list away games for your team on the
new SSJ webpage. This did not really work well as the old version of the
page was not designed for this.

However, I've added the possibility to add up to 10 away games for each
team. You can add them by editing your team's webpage (scroll all the way
to the bottom). For each game you can enter the date and time, the field
name, a URL if there is a page describing the field, and the address of the
field. The away games will be listed in correct order together with the
home games on your team's web page.

For an example on how this looks like check out this
team's webpage: http://www.ssjysl.org/teams_single.shtml?team=C3A_1995B

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please let me know.

Greetings, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner                                          claudio at fleiner.com

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