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Fri Aug 10 12:13:48 PDT 2007


With our current CYSA boundary mandate handed down about practicing in our own league boundaries we are now using school fields listed on our SSJYSL website that may or may not have been used before by our soccer teams. If you are practicing at a field without a Field Coordinator (FC) please follow these simple guidelines.

First, go the administration office and ask to speak to the Principal. Let him or her know who you are, what league you are with, and if there are any day or time restrictions that they would like you to honor. There may be certain fields that are off limits or under repair that you may want to ask about, parking issues for your parents to know about, where to put trash...take it with you or is it alright to leave it there cans. They may ask about insurance and do you have a copy (its on file with both Oak Grove Elementary School District and San Jose Unified.

We, as representatives of South San Jose Youth Soccer League, have the opportunity to establish and promote youth soccer in schools that may not have heard of our league and what we have to offer the community. This is your chance along with your parents to help establish good relations with our new school partners.

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League
408 315-2346

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