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As Field Director going on two years, my main focus was and still is, providing quality fields and equipment for our children and guest's to play on and enjoy. While we have made some remarkable changes and first's there is still much work to accomplish in the four year plan I laid out when I took this position. 

One of those issues is Martin Murphy. For as long as I can remember, those school fields were and still are some of the worst in the Bay Area. The School Districts (Morgan Hill) inability to manage the lax maintenance and upkeep or repairs to the grounds, or the ability to monitor the Adult league that plays on Sundays, or the rogue teams that are using it without authorization during the week in good weather and bad, have led to the fields poor quality and appearance. While I have made several attempts to work with the District and the Adult league into creating good playing fields and maintenance habits by splitting the cost of repairs or providing monitors to oversee that fields are not being used and destroyed during inclimate weather, my calls and e-mails still go unreturned or avoided. 

I will be going to the next level (City Council) in the next few weeks to push this ball forward, but in the mean time, I have authorized the Field Coordinator at Martin Murphy, Paul Nishimatsu, to spend up to $2500 at his direction to at least make the fields safe and playable. I will not spend another dime of the leagues money without a buy-in from the School District and the Adult league participating and sharing in the cost of repairs and maintenance. In the meantime, I would ask those who play or practice at Martin Murphy to contact Paul Nishimatsu and ask what you can do to make those fields as safe as they can be until all three party's come together working as one to create good playing fields. The ground swell of support for the Fields Program for the last two years from this soccer community has been tremendous. But our work is far from over. It will take years of voluntary support from everyone involved with South San Jose Youth Soccer to create the quality fields that will set us apart from other leagues. I look forward to your continued support. If you have ideas or comments on how to improve the fields program, or the ongoing battle of wills at Martin Murphy, my door is always open.

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League 
408 315-2346

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