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Thu Aug 30 21:39:37 PDT 2007

Coaches and Parents

Just an update on a field situation at Oakridge Elementary. For the most part, the leagues grass fields and its overall care has improved at most of our sites. The cooperation between the School District and the Fields group has improved dramatically from last year, and with the help of our rotating parents and coaches at the different fields doing there part on a weekly basis, good progress is being made. With that being said one of the hardest schools this year to get a handle on ( I know... Martin Murphy is a planet unto itself and is turning into a political matter...more later) is Oakridge Elementary. The last seven weeks watering has uncovered several underground leaks that has crept to the surface causing swamp like conditions in several areas and creating a home for bee's and gnats. The School District and their outside contractor have begun the repairs needed to make the fields in a playable condition again. Please, take care when traveling to Oakridge for either your Childs game or Opening Day on September 9th, and try to avoid areas being worked on. Rick Simons, FC at Oakridge, and his parents and coaches, are working hard to provide the best playing surfaces for the parents players and guest to enjoy during this period. 

Our work is far from over. As always, please don't hesitate to send the FC at your field or myself any comments or concerns that can improve the conditions at any of our sites. The FC Group is dedicated to providing quality field care and maintenance, so that our league and its children and guest have an enjoyable game experience. 

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League
408 315-2346

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