[SSJ-Coaches] Delgado Standings - Trophies/Medals

Anh Nguyen anh.dina at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 12 22:55:31 PST 2007

Hello Coaches,

I would like to congratulate the following teams:

U12B/Div. A - 2nd Place - SSJ PSA United Black - Coach Toby Bell

U12B/Div A - 3rd Place - SSJ Independent - Coach Tony Deras

U12B/Div. B - 3rd Place - SSJ PSA United White - Coach Judi Escola

U12B/Div. C - 3rd Place - SSJ Rush - Coach Claudio Fleiner

U15B/Div. B - 1st Place - SSJ Pumas - Coach Carlos Guerra

U18B/Div.A - 3rd Place - SSJ Lions - Coach Eric Simons

U12G/Div. B - 3rd Place - SSJ Extreme - Coach Nigel Cooper

U15G/Div. B - 2nd Place - SSJ Quakes - Coach Frank Teruel

I have just picked up the trophies and medals from the District; So, please give me a call before you plan to come by.

Congratulations Coaches!


Anh Nguyen
5037 Gazania Dr.
San Jose, CA 95111

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