[SSJ-Coaches] Field Use

Bruce Yost bruce_yost at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 15:45:54 PDT 2007


We have made great strides these past 2 seasons in
improving our existing soccer fields and securing
additional surfaces for our teams to play and practice
on. However, there have been some compaints at the
District level about SSJ teams practicing outside of
our boundaries.  

As teams in SSJYSL, and part of the league's agreement
to allow teams to continue to play in SSJ, you MUST
abide by the league boundaries for practices.  Failure
do so will result in SSJYSL disapproving or
withdrawing your registration.  District 2 has
threatened to sanction SSJYSL if its teams continue to
disregard this policy, which would penalize all teams
within the league, and we're not about to let that

Only teams with special circumstances at certain
facilities that have been approved on a case-by-case
basis by me and the SSJ Board will be allowed to
practice outside of our boundary area.  The boundary
area is defined by Bailey road in the south, roughly
Monterey Highway in the north/east, Almaden Expressway
in the west and the ridge between IBM Research and
Boulder Creek GC in the south.  If you are unsure
about where it is you wish to practice, please contact
Kurt Kanavel (see the SSJYSL web page).  We believe
that there are plenty of practice fields for all of
teams to use within our local league.

Again, teams that do not practice within SSJ league
boundaries will NOT be registered for the Fall season.

Bruce Yost
President SSJYSL

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