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Hello Coaches,

Please note the following procedures for out-of-state tournaments.  Thank you.



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Just a reminder that the D2 Registrar and D2 Tournament Coordinator no longer need to sign the travel papers that teams must submit in order to attend an out of state (non-CYSA-N) tournament.

The following information should be passed on to your coaches/team managers. It is also found on the D2 website - www.cysadistrict2.org - on the Tournament Page.


Procedures for District II Teams Traveling Out of State
If you wish to play in a tournament outside of CYSA-North (including Cal-South), you must have an approved Application to Travel, commonly known as a travel request.  This procedure only defines the travel request and is not a tournament application.  You apply and pay for the out-of-state tournament separately from, but in parallel with, the CYSA travel request. Note that forms are due to the CYSA-North state office no less than 30 days prior to the tournament date.
      1. Complete two copies of the US Youth Soccer Application to Travel form (revised 3/1/01), and a single copy of the official CYSA Travel Roster (CYSA Form 201, Rev 3/04 or 7/05). You may download the PDFs of these forms from the CYSA web site.
      2. Fill out both forms completely and accurately. Please follow the directions included with the forms, and obtain all the signatures that are required. The travel roster must have a maximum of 18 players listed in alphabetical order. This includes any guest players traveling with you. 
      3. In your Travel Request packet, along with the above completed forms, you must include:
        1.. A check for $10.00 made payable to CYSA 
        2.. An envelope with 39 cents postage, addressed to the tournament to which you are applying 
        3.. A copy of the tournament's approved and signed US Youth Soccer Application to Host a Tournament or Games (sanctioned form). Most tournaments post this form on their website.  This form indicates that the tournament is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned event. Note that US Club Soccer is NOT part of US Youth Soccer, and therefore, CYSA will not authorize any CYSA team travel to a US Club event. To attend a US Club Soccer tournament, you will have to dual register as a US Club team. 
        4.. A copy of your team roster and any adds, transfers, or guest player forms. 
        5.. A self-addressed, stamped envelope (to receive your copy of state approval). 
        6.. Place all documents in a 9x12 envelope with sufficient postage, and mail to the CYSA office at 1040 Serpentine Lane, Suite 201, Pleasanton, CA 94566-4754. Attn: Kathi Killion. Note—Completed paperwork with all the necessary forms and signatures must be in the CYSA office 30 days prior to travel! 
      4. Requests for travel outside of the United States must be submitted on the above mentioned forms along with a USSF Application for Foreign Travel and the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act agreement form. A $50.00 check made payable to US Soccer, plus a $10.00 check payable to CYSA, must accompany the paperwork and be submitted 90 days prior to travel. 


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