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Rules and Information for D2 Spring League 2007 

Adding or Dropping Players

You can add players using the Add/Drop and Player forms. You can only have 18 players on your team at any one time. 

1) For players that have not been registered with CYSA during this soccer year, they need to be registered by 04-01-06.
2) For players that have been registered with CYSA, they can be added up to the deadline of 04-22-06 
(U10 teams and below, please see special note at the end of this page.)

You can drop players at any time using the Add/Drop form below. Turn this form into your Home League Registrar, who will stamp off the form. When you Drop a player from a Spring league paper team, the player pass remains with the player so he/she can sign up with another Spring league team.

File Containing the Add/Drop Form
In Office 97 Format: 

Special Note to Younger Teams:
If your team is U10 or below, note that an 18-player roster is only allowed for Spring League. For Fall registration in District 2, U10 teams and younger are limited to 13 players or less. If you take on a larger roster for Spring, you will need to reduce your roster for fall. Check with your home league registrar for more information. 

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