[SSJ-Coaches] Recruiting Rules - District 2

Bruce Yost bruce_yost at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 19:48:11 PDT 2007


D2 has asked all league presidents to notify coaches
that recruitment activities and transfers prior to the
upcoming State Cup tournament are unallowable. 
Players are expected to fulfill their commitment to
their 2006/2007 teams through this tournament period. 
The District is concerned that teams that played
during the Fall season may not be able to compete
successfully due to player movement.

D2 has stated that they will NOT process transfers
prior to State Cup.  Please take this into
consideration as you plan for the tournament.

If you have any questions about this policy, please
contact Anh Nguyen, SSJYSL Comp Director, or me.

Thank you,

Bruce Yost
President SSJYSL

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