[SSJ-Coaches] Recruiting Rules - District 2

Bruce Yost bruce_yost at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 09:23:27 PDT 2007


Actually, you're correct.  If the releasing coach
agrees to let the player go, there won't be any issue.
 I mistated the D2 Commissioner's intent in my first
email.  What was stated, however, was that if there
was any disagreement or reluctance on the releasing
coach's part, Dave Mann will prevent the transfer.

So to be clear for everybody, if the team that is
losing the player allows the transfer (signs the
release paperwork), then there's no issue.  But, if
that team does not want to release the player, then
the player must play State Cup with that team.

Apologies for the confusion,


--- Tim Martin <timmartin17 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bruce,
> I think this is a good idea if the team losing a
> player at this point does
> not want transfer a player. But the transfer should
> be allowed if both teams
> agree to the transfer.

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