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Anh Nguyen anh.dina at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 22 20:20:46 PDT 2007

> Coaches,
> As many of you are aware, the SSJYSL has defined uniform standards 
> for competitive teams, and all teams are required to have the 
> approved league uniforms by the Fall 2007 playing season.  The 
> approved uniform from 2004-2006 is the Cosmos jersey (one in royal 
> and white, one in white), gol shorts (in royal), and copa socks 
> (royal).   The Cosmos jersey is being "retired' by Adidas this year. 
> Therefore, the league selected a new uniform standards for 2007-2009. 
> The new uniform consists of the Onore jersey (one in royal and white, 
> one white), Campo shorts and Copa socks.  The league logo must be on 
> the left chest.
> If your team has the Cosmos kit, you can continue to use those 
> uniforms until they need to be replaced.  If you are a new team, or 
> your team does not currently have approved league uniforms, you need 
> to purchase the Onore kit.
> The league has arranged for special league pricing through a local 
> store, Soccer Pro, on Saratoga Ave. in San Jose.  Soccer Pro has the 
> approved league logos on file.  You can use the attached order form 
> to submit your order to soccer pro.  You will notice they also have 
> discounted pricing on kit bags and warm-up suits, but you are not 
> required to buy these items.  Also, if you need it, Soccer Pro will 
> provide samples that you can use to help players select the correct 
> sizes. (one form will calculate totals and tax for you, the other 
> let's you do it yourself).
> In addition, let your players know that Soccer Pro will provide a 10% 
> discount on regularly priced shoes and a 20% discount on all other 
> regularly priced merchandise in the store for players and coaches. 
> (I have actually found some excellent deals on shoes in their 
> clearance areas).
> As a reminder, SSJYSL offers teams that have the approved uniform a 
> $20.00 rebate per player, per year.  The rebate form is available on 
> the league website.  This information will also be available on the 
> league website shortly.
> Thanks,
> laura
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