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Dear Coaches,

Please note the following message from our Referee Director, David Serano.

Thank you

Rescheduling games
If you need to reschedule a game send an email to the field coordinator of the field where the game needs to be canceled, and one to the field coordinator of the field where you want to add the game (check the web page for that field to make sure there is a spot available). Make sure to include the teams name and age group so that the FC does not accidentally schedule the wrong team. You can find the email addresses of all FC on the fields webpage. The referee scheduler will be automatically notified of the change. 
Please note: if you cancel a game after Thursday evening at 10pm for the upcoming weekend you will have to pay the referee anyway!  
      Different Leagues - Different  

Coaches,  when paying the referee's at your home game, please pay them in the pay scale denomination.  They do not usually have change at the field. Please be ready.  Thanks

      Class 1 U17 - U19 Center 40 
      Class 1 U15 - U16 Center 38 
      Class 1 U15 - U19 AR 30 
      Class 1 U11 - U14 Center 30 
      Class 1 U11 - U14 AR 25 
      Class 3 U17 - U19 Center 40 
      Class 3 U15 - U16 Center 38 
      Class 3 U15 - U19 AR 30 
      Class 3 U11 - U14 Center 27 
      Class 3 U11 - U14 AR 22 
      Rec. U15 - U19 Center 25 
      Rec. U15 - U19 AR 20 
      Rec. U11 - U14 Center 20 
      Rec. U11 - U14 AR 15 
      ALL U9 - U10 Center 15 
      ALL U9 - U10 AR 10 

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