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Mon May 7 09:39:03 PDT 2007

SSJYSL Community

This Tuesday night at 6:30 at the District Office for the School Board on Lenzen Ave (its on our SSJYSL website) we have been asked by the Administrators at Gunderson High School to show up and support the ballot proposition of Lights for the turf field stadium at Gunderson High School. After months of public hearings it comes down to a vote by the School Board for them to allow lights to be installed at the school. If this vote passes it means that all Football games in the Fall that normally play on Saturdays will now be played on Friday nights under the lights leaving Saturdays for the Fall season for our league to enjoy uninterrupted access to the turf field for the entire season. 

Gunderson High School has become major partner in allowing us to play almost year round on turf or grass fields for the past two years and by us showing up and supporting there initiative at the Board meeting vote on Tuesday it will let Cary Catching, Principal at Gunderson, know that we as a soccer community are behind her 100% in their commitment to improve the campus. 

I also have one more project that I could use your assistance on. We as a league have volunteered to overhaul the inside of the turf field snack bar at Gunderson. I am looking for skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, sheetrockers/tapers. There are NO permits or plans and the work is relatively simple as far as an interior remodel goes (nothing structural) but I do need those individuals with the skill set I just mentioned to step up for your community in helping one of our major soccer partners. This will go along way in cementing what I hope will be a very long friendship. I would like to begin work sometime after Mothers Day and have it completed by the 15th of June. You will only be donating your valuable skills (No money) so that students from this school can enjoy working at the snack bar at the new night time Football or Soccer games in a clean, safe, and usable environment. Please let me know through e-mail or phone (315-2346) if this is something you would like to participate in.

I hope to see you all tomorrow night.

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League

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