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City Council time update...read below

Kurt Kanavel
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> Dear Soccer Silicon Valley member --
> We've just been informed that there has been a time change for  Tuesday's 
> City Council meeting.
> Rather than holding their vote during the evening session, as was 
> previously expected, the San Jose City Council will now act during  the 
> afternoon session. This session starts at 1:30 and the stadium 
> negotiations will be discussed between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.
> While this will undoubtedly make it impossible for some of us to  attend, 
> it can be considered good news from a political perspective.  Twice a 
> month, the city council meets both in the afternoon and  evening. On these 
> days, the afternoon session usually consists of  items that are not 
> controversial or are not expected to engender much  public debate or 
> comment. We see this rescheduling as a sign that  both San Jose's elected 
> officials and its citizens recognize the  great potential in partnering 
> with Lew Wolff's team.
> Of course, for the many of you who have rearranged your schedules to 
> attend the evening session, this rescheduling is sure to be  inconvenient 
> at best. We apologize for any trouble this causes you  and thank you for 
> understanding that this situation is completely out  of our hands. (Please 
> note, also, that the Earthquakes had originally  planned to hold their 
> press conference announcing the hiring of Frank  Yallop at 2:00 pm, so 
> they are inconvenienced as well.)
> If this scheduling change makes it too difficult to attend, we  understand 
> completely. If you can make it, great, please come out and  show your 
> support, but it's not necessary to move heaven and earth to  make it 
> happen.
> Go Quakes!
> Yours in soccer,
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