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Kurt Kanavel airkanavel at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 5 14:09:21 PDT 2007

Coaches and Parents 

I am pleased to announce that Mike Carr and Pamela Yee have excepted my offer to become Field Coordinators at Martin Murphy for the Fall season. Both Mike and Pamela have extensive backgrounds in soccer and operational management experience and should be a wonderful fit for MM. Please join me in welcoming them to there new assignment. I am sure they will need all your support. Thanks again for steeping up on such short notice. Welcome aboard!!

As I was writing this e-mail, Mark Dorsi called and also excepted my invitation for Field Coordinator. I know Mark will do an exceptional job at Stratford as he also is a dedicated coach and parent looking to create great fields for our kids. Mark will need an assistant who does not belong to his team so please give him a call. I'm sure he would love the support. And for the second time today...Welcome aboard!!

Thank you to all who have called or e-mail me about the positions. This is a wonderful testament to the character of our league and the people who make it up.

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League
408 315-2346

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