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Fri Sep 7 12:53:04 PDT 2007

Coaches and Parents

Some of you have already started your Fall Season but the majority of you will begin playing your games starting Saturday. The Field Coordinators, working hand in hand with the coaches and parents, have worked hard in preparation for the coming Fall season. Including mowing lawns, getting fields marked and lined, pulling weeds, filling in holes, trimming around fence lines, picking up lots and lots of trash, and generally creating a safe environment for your children and their guests to play on. 
For the most part the grass fields are still a work in progress, but the cooperation from the School Districts has been night and day from last year. The Operation Director from the School District was on a wait and see attitude when I approached him last year about our FC program, where parents and coaches work together on a weekly basis to create and maintain good fields. I am pleased to tell you that he has been so impressed with our leagues efforts, that any of the extra work that normally gets charged to our league has a zero balance. And that is due in large part to you and your willingness to help your league on a weekly basis. We are still two years away from solid green grass on all of our game sites, but we are certainly taking the right steps to making it happen. On a side note, Santa Clara County has begun their water rationing as of two weeks ago (during of course the heat wave), so we are experiencing some less than perfect green fields. The School District however is trying to squeeze out every drop it can for our playing fields. This will not be a permanent situation.

I wish all of you success with your Fall season!

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League
408 315-2346
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