[SSJ-Coaches] Game Balls & other stuff!

Laura Lewis laura_lewis5 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 13:11:35 PDT 2007

Hi Coaches,
The game balls are here. To pick them up, you can
either come by my house on Sunday between 3-5:00 OR
send me an email that provides the coach's name and
team category (e.g., BU9, GU15).

If you choose the email route, you will receive an
email confirmation from me about when they will be
ready for pick up.  Pick up is from the same location
as the shirts and practice balls, my porch at 537
Galen Dr.

Speaking of coach's shirts and practice balls, I've
got some equipment still left on my porch (it's OK by
me, but I want to make sure you got the confirmation
email to come by and pick it up).  So, Stephen Ting,
Janet Kulig, Nick Moezidis, Tony Deras, and Luis
Galvan, your equipment is ready for pick up.  I have
added the game balls to what I already set out - you
don't need to email me back to get those too, and you
can come by anytime.

For everyone else who may not yet have picked up their
coach's shirts, you can either get them during the
Sunday pick up or let me know what size shirt you need
when you send me the email about picking up game balls
(your practice balls will be added to your pick-up).

FYI, I work full time and will be out of town next
week.  I generally try to have requests ready to pick
up after 7 p.m. of the night I get the email.  If
you're reading this email after Sunday afternoon,
chances are I won't be able to get back to you until
Friday, 9/21.

SSJYSL equipment
206-2932 (cell)

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