[SSJ-Coaches] Equipment last call

Laura Lewis laura_lewis5 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 13:36:57 PDT 2007

Hi Coaches, 
this is the last call to pick up your team equipment
before it gets packed up for the year and I get my
house back.  

There have been numerous emails sent – but I'm sending
this last one just in case you had email gremlins.  As
comp coaches the league provides two practice balls,
two game balls and coach's shirt.  

If you have not yet received some or all of these
items send me an email with your coach's name, team
gender and age (e.g., BU14, GU10), and shirt size if
needed.  I will send you an email back when you can
pick your items up off of my porch (537 Galen Dr.,

Next Thursday, 9/27, is your last chance to send an
email and everything should be picked up by Saturday
9/29 (or early Sunday 9/30).  I'll be at two
tournaments all weekend, and will pack up all the
equipment - and any items remaining on my porch
(unless you have made special arrangements)– on Sunday

Also, can folks who came by in the last two weeks
please check that they have the correct equipment.
Bill Mayne's BU14 team balls (size 5) weren't there
when he came by last night.  Or, if someone grabbed
them for him, please let me know. 

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