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Might be fun for the kids.....
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Hello SSV members -- 

Are you ready for your close up? We've got a couple fun activities coming up that you might be interested in. 

A company hired by the Earthquakes, Teak Motion Visuals, is going to be shooting a couple Internet video ads for the team in the South Bay next week. They're looking for 20 to 30 rabid soccer fans to volunteer for each of them. 

The premise of both videos is that Earthquakes fans are so excited about soccer that we'll show up to cheer anything that has to do with the sport -- even when our cheering is somewhat out of proportion to the event we're watching. 

On Thursday, October 4, they'll be filming at a park in Cupertino from 3:00 to roughly 6:30 p.m. For this shoot, they're looking for people to go all out with face paint, scarves, drums, and all the paraphernalia of the enthusiastic soccer fan. The volunteer fans will be watching a youth soccer game and going completely bonkers after a goal is scored. 

On Friday, October 5, the crew will be shooting in downtown San Jose from 2:30 to approximately 6:00 p.m.  They're again looking for 20 to 30 people wearing Earthquakes colors, scarves, etc. (no face paint necessary, though) who will be chanting, singing, and otherwise paying way too much attention to a game of finger soccer in a pub. (We understand the first round may be on them, too...) 

If you'd like to participate in either shoot, please contact Annie Sloan <anniesloan at gmail.com>. They will be taking reservations on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to reply quickly if you're interested. 

Oh, and as long as we're writing, we will remind you to please Send a Message to San Jose's elected officials telling them that you support the proposed new soccer stadium. 

Go Quakes!

Yours in soccer,
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