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Subject: c-U12 and U14 Boys & Girls Rec Tournament - October 25th and 26th - North Valley

U12 and U14 Boys & Girls Rec
Tournament - October 25th and 26th - North Valley
Please forward to all U12
and U14 Rec teams:
Valley Youth Soccer League’s Haunted Fields  Recreation Level  Soccer Tournament.
(Formerly known as the NVYSL
December Classic)
Per CYSA District 2’s request, NVYSL
is holding it’s annual tournament (formerly held in December) on October 25th and 26th .  Our tournament
will be organized in the same quality manner as has been demonstrated over the
last 10 plus years.  We look forward to
seeing all the rec level teams.  
Brackets:  U12Girls (Rec), U12 Boys (Rec), U14 Girls (Rec) and
U14 Boys (Rec.)
Dates:  Saturday October 25th and Sunday, October
26th, 2008
Location:  Morrill Middle School Fields, 1970 Morrill Avenue,
San Jose, CA  95132
Fee:  $275.00
District 2 Tournament Calendar:   (We’re Event #206) http://www.cysanorth.org/Tournaments/Calendar%2008-09/2008.09.Calendar.8.25.pdf 
tournament application should include the following:
• Two
(2)  fully completed and
signed tournament application. Use the attached
08.09 CYSA Team Application attached to this email. A team official's
signature (coach or manager) on the application acknowledges that you have read
and understood the CYSA Team Application for a CYSA sanctioned tournament.
Applications may also be downloaded from the CYSA tournament page: http://www.cysanorth.org/Tournaments/tournaments.htm.
Be sure to include TWO copies of each tournament application (one for the
District, one for the tournament coordinator).
• A check
made payable to North Valley Youth Soccer League.  Payment may also be sent directly to the
tournament you are applying to.
• A
standard size (#10) envelope addressed to :
c/o Cheryl
Van Zuylen
POB 32660
San Jose,
CA  95152
. Include
your return address and sufficient postage. This will be used to forward your
approved application to the tournament director(s).
Option #1:
Include a self-addressed, stamped postcard for the tournament to return, if you
want confirmation that the tournament has received your application. Put this
card in the envelope addressed to the tournament. Option #2: If you'd like to
know when District II Tournament Director Deb Steinkopf processed your
tournament applications, include a second self-addressed, stamped postcard with
your package. Please make sure that either or both cards are a minimum of 3 1/2 in. high by 5 in. long (postal
• Attach the two copies of
each tournament application, the check for each tournament and the addressed
envelope with one large paper clip. (Please do not staple.)
• Put your tournament application
and copy in a large envelope (at least 9" by 12") addressed to the
District II Tournament Director: 
Deb Steinkopf
5837 Porto Alegre Drive
San Jose, CA 95120
E-mail: dteazstein at worldnet.att.net
 • Once approved by the District the application will
be forwarded to North Valley for scheduling into the tournament.

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