[SSJ-Coaches] E/D Course

Anh Nguyen anh.dina at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 15 21:36:42 PDT 2008


Our league is hosting the E/D course as follows:

South San Jose hosting course # 192 

     San Jose
     Anh Nguyen
     (408) 578-6537
     anh.dina at sbcglobal.net

If you plan to attend, please send a check $30, payable to SSJYSL, to:

Anh Nguyen
5037 Gazania Dr.
San Jose, CA 95111

Once I receive your check, I will put you on the list.  When you have completed the course, we will reimburse your $30.

Thank you

Anh Nguyen
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