[SSJ-Coaches] SSJ Delgado Results for fall 2008 - Awards FYI

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Mon Nov 17 16:28:55 PST 2008

Coaches of Delgado,

There will be Trophies and Medals coming to some of you.

I will verify what is what after Thursdays meeting of the Delgado Board.
I did see an email stating awards wont be ready till 12/9/08

There was the Delgado rule of Trophies to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place In the A Division
All lower divisions got medals for 1,2,3.

I think it was changed as I raised a stink a couple years ago, but will have to verify with Nick.

I will keep you posted. 

Don Crawford
SSJ Delgado Rep.

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South San Jose YSL 
Boys U10 Coach Division Place 
SSJ Lions Eric Simons B 2 
SSJ PSA BU10 Franco Benevento B 1 
Boys U11 
SSJ Club America's Factor 11 Steve Lum B 10 
SSJ Indios Francisco L Lopez C 1 Undeafeted 
Boys U12 
SSJ PSA Chelsea White Michael Jacques Karr B 10 
Boys U13 
SSJ Rush Claudio Fleiner C 3 
SSJ FC Independent Tony Deras A 4 
SSJ PSA United White Aaron Castro B 10 
SSJ Skyhawks Andy Dorian C 9 
Boys U14 
SSJ Fusion Paul Martin C 2 
SSJ Skyhawks Don Crawford B 7 
SSJ Pumas Miguel Vasquez B 1 Head to head won 
Boys U16 
SSJ Pumas Carlos A Guerra B 2 nine and one 
Boys U18 
SSJ Clash Frank Teruel A 2 
Girls U12 
SSJ Hot Shots Shomit Ghose C 5 
Girls U13 
SSJ Xtreme 95 Nigel Cooper B 6 
Girls U14 
SSJ United Bruce Yost B 8 
SSJ Hurricanes Anh Nguyen A 4 May be 5th tied for 4th 
Girls U15 
SSJ Fury Dan Koga B 7 
Girls U16 
SSJ Quakes Frank Teruel A 4 
SSJ Impact Roy Hammon A 10 
Girls U17 
SSJ Tornadoes Bob Whitling B 2 
Girls U18 
South San Jose Freeze Paul Nishimatsu SOUTH 10 

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