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Subject: FW: Special Benefit Soccer Tournament for Cassy Rowe.

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Subject: Special Benefit Soccer Tournament for Cassy Rowe.


Hi Melinda,

I have a favor to ask of you. We are organizing a special
benefit tournament for U12- U14 metro players on January 3-4, 2009 in
Sacramento (this is the weekend just before the beginning of association cup
for this age group). The tournament proceeds are to benefit the Cassy Rowe
foundation, she is a player of mine who broke her neck in a tournament in
August which left her paralyzed from the neck down. You may have heard her
story, there has been an out pouring of support, but the financial burden keeps
mounting for the family.?


I would like you to share the email below (and the
documents?attached) with all of your District Registrars, to help promote
the tournament. The idea was conceived earlier this month and we know it is
very short notice, but we have lots of volunteers and donated
all-weather-fields, so we are confident it will work. I am the tournament
director, so please feel free to direct any questions you have to me. I very
much appreciate your help.?

Dick Gordon




of you may have heard the tragic story of my player and dear friend Cassy Rowe,
who broke her neck in a tournament in August at Cherry Island (Sacramento). She
is struggling to redefine her life and her family is struggling with the
challenge of accommodating a quadriplegic. The financial challenges are

group of caring individuals and organizations are sponsoring a Benefit
Tournament for Cassy on January 3-4, 2009 for Boys and Girls, U12 and U14
Division 3 teams (we also have a division for U10 boys and girls metro teams on
the same weekend). Whether you just want another tournament this season or you
want a warm up for Association cup, we encourage you to participate in this
tournament that will greatly benefit Cassy and her family.?

tournament will be limited to 48 U12-U14 teams and 32 U10 teams. We have all
weather fields secured for the tournament, and alternate grass fields if the
weather will allow. The application deadline is December 22 (application is
attached to this email).?? All net proceeds will go to the benefit of
the Cassy Rowe Foundation. The tournament fee is $400 per team (two games on
Saturday one on Sunday minimum). Three Guest players will be allowed per team.
This is a US Club Soccer event, but you do not need to be registered as a US
Club team, all registration fees have been waived. All participating teams will
be considered US Club Soccer teams for this weekend.? Your CYSA
credentials will be used for registration purposes.??

also visit www.taurussports.org
to down load the application, directions and other tournament

her family and I have been overwhelmed by the well wishes from the Worldwide
Soccer community, and we express our?sincerest thanks everyone.?

continue to visit and leave messages for Cassy at www.caringbridge.org/visit/cassyrowe?
she reads all the messages and they do brighten her day.??

are now faced with the reality of her circumstances and clearly need your
financial support as well as your well wishes.?

hope to see you at the tournament in January.


Gordon, Coach

Xtreme U19 G District 6 American River Youth Soccer League




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