[SSJ-Coaches] Shin guards are Manditory at Games and Practices

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Tue Oct 14 07:40:17 PDT 2008


I have noted teams not wearing shin guards at practices, seems to be a trend with the older
kids more so than the younger ones.

Shin Guards are mandatory for CYSA and SSJYSL.

This is a major safety exposure for our league and our insurance.

I thank you for your attention on this vital safety issue.

Don Crawford


	* Player's Equipment  Jersey or shirt - with number, shorts, socks, footwear,  shinguards are Mandatory. 
 A player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to another  player or themselves, including any kind of jewelry. 

PIM 88-3 (Rev. 04/03) SHIN  GUARDS
All  player must wear shin guards in any CYSA sanctioned event.
	* Shin guards shall be worn properly in order to provide adequate and  reasonable protection to the shin. 
	* Shin guards shall be professionally manufactured, age/size appropriate  and unaltered. 

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