[SSJ-Coaches] Schedule and pictures

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL) rec at ssjysl.org
Wed Sep 3 00:05:16 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

On your teams page you will now automatically find all away games too 
(the schedule is downloaded from the Delgado and Abronzino website once 
per day, so updates take a while) and the opponent is now automatically 
added to all games. You still need to upload home games to those sites 
though, this is not done automatically.

Pictures: I should get a CD with all team pictures next week, if you 
have a free picture spot on your team page I will upload your team 
picture (you can delete images through the "edit team page").

Greetings, Claudio

P.S.: To the coach (I don't know who it was) that called my home phone 
and complained to my wife that I have not answered an email within one 
hour: please give me at least 2 days to answer (often you get and answer 
quicker but not always), and only send me a friendly reminder by email 
if you have not heard from me within 48h!


Claudio Fleiner, Rec Director, SSJYSL, rec at ssjysl.org

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