[SSJ-Coaches] Coaches Game Update

G Khadder u8 at ssjysl.org
Wed Sep 3 23:20:14 PDT 2008

The following coaches have confirmed their participation.
Ghassan Khadder
Raj Singh
Bruce Yost
Jerry Supernaw
Loui  (Arsenal Assistant coach)
Lonnie Nunley
Lonnie Nunley  assistant coach    NOTE: Need the name
Shannon Opilla  Note: Will come in at noon
Carrie Newton
Amy_Venegas Note: Carrie and Amy would like to play in the same team
Jeff Semone
Nigel Cooper Note: Will miss the second half
Martin Thurmann Note: Will miss the first half
Daniel Taylor
Tony Moses
Beth WicklanderHoward WicklanderRay Higdon
Carlos Guerra
Rogaciano Esparza
I need confirmation from the following coaches
Jerry Taylor
Francisco Lopez
Tony Deras + asst
Horacio Alfaro
Debra Brown
Marc McIssac
Andy Dorian  Note: Pictures scheduled just before 12
Christophe Didier 
Jeff Redcliff
If I missed anyone else, please let me know. I would like to finalize the list the make the two team by noon time Thursday
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