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First, I would like to apologies for all those are receiving these emails about the coaches game though they are not participating. I do not have all the individual emails for those who have expressed interest. Bear with me for another day or two.
The response has been overwhelming. So far, I have 29 coaches/assistant-coaches interested. I am discussing the option of have two games instead of one with the league. The first will start at 11:00AM and the second at noon time. I will form 4 teams each consisting of around 7 coaches. Each game will consist of two 15 minute halves. I am also considering using 1/2 of the U10 field-- many of us (if not most of us) are not as young or as fit as we used to be :-)
Having two games will work better since some of us are busy with taking team pictures or at the dunk tank around noon time.
The objective of the games is to have fun, to encourage players to stay for the opening day, and to role model for the kids. Safety is important. None of us want to go to work on Monday morning with a broken leg -- no rough plays are allowed. No hard shots are allowed that might end up striking a kid on the side lines.
If any of you have special requests such as playing with certain individuals, please let me know. I will do my best to honor all requests. In addition, let me know which time (11:00AM or noon) will NOT work for you. 
Ghassan KhadderRaj SinghBruce YostJerry SupernawLoui  (Arsenal Assistant coach) NOTE: Need the full nameLonnie NunleyLonnie Nunley assistant coach  NOTE: Need the full nameShannon Opilla  Carrie NewtonAmy_Venegas       Note: Carrie and Amy would like to play in the same teamJeff SemoneNigel Cooper      Note: Noon game is not a good timeMartin Thurmann   Note: Noon game is not a good timeDaniel TaylorTony MosesBeth WicklanderHoward WicklanderRay HigdonCarlos GuerraRogaciano EsparzaChristophe Didier Eric NilsonRobert AguilarFrancisco GutierrezBrian DuckeringTony DerasAndy DorianPeter MeijlesMarc Mcisaac
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