[SSJ-Coaches] Coaches Game Update (Tentative teams)

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Fri Sep 5 13:06:46 PDT 2008

First, the 11:00AM game was re-scheduled to 9:50AM since the field has already been reserved for a U10 exhibition game between 10:30AM and 11:30AM.
I have 41 coaches/assistant coaches signed up. I put together 4 teams. I tried to pair coaches/assistant coaches, accommodate special requests, and avoid conflicts with the pictures schedule.
Let me know if you have signed up and your name is not on the list
The following teams are tentative. You may request a change; however, do provide a compelling reason such as:
1- Game time conflicts with your dunk tank or photo schedule
2- Coach/assistant coach were split into separate teams
I will publish the final schedule late tonight
First game: 9:50AM - 10:25AM
Team # 1
Ghassan KhadderRaj Singh   Bruce Yost Carrie Newton Amy Venegas   jerry taylor  Eric Nilson Jorge Prado  Jesse SekhonBrian Duckering
Team # 2
Jerry SupernawLouiJeff SemoneChristophe Didier Daniel Taylor   Ken ScottDiane ScottBeth Wicklander Howard Wicklander Ray Higdon 
Second game: 12:00PM - 12:35PM
==========================Team # 3
Andy DorianMartin Thurmann   Peter Meijles Marc McisaacJeff Redclift   Christophe Didier  Deb Brown-Hegg  Mirna Perales  Francisco Lopez Poly Gil
Team # 4
Lonnie Nunley Tim Daugherty Shannon Opilla  Tony Moses Tony Deras Juan Cardoza Robert Aguilar Francisco Gutierrez Carlos Guerra Rogaciano Esparza Conrad Rodricks 
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