[SSJ-Coaches] Coaches Game Update ("REALLY" FINAL team roster)

G Khadder u8 at ssjysl.org
Sat Sep 6 17:38:19 PDT 2008

I never realized setting up the coaches games was going to be this complicated :-)
Another round of edits....    Now we have 44 players -- 11 players on each team.... 
First game: 9:50AM - 10:25AM=======================Team # 1 (Dark Colored T-Shirts)Ghassan Khadder <= CaptainRaj Singh   Bruce Yost Carrie Newton Amy Venegas   jerry taylor  Eric Nilson Jorge Prado  Jesse SekhonTony Deras Juan Cardoza  Team # 2 (White T-Shirts)Randy Palisoc <= CaptainJerry SupernawLouiShannon OpillaJeff SemoneAndy DorianDaniel Taylor   Ken ScottJavier UrizarRay BaskettRick Domenici 
 Second game: 12:00PM - 12:35PM==========================Team # 3 (Dark Colored T-shirts)Brian Duckering  <= CaptainMartin Thurmann   Peter Meijles Marc McisaacJeff Redclift   Christophe Didier  Deb Brown-Hegg  Mirna Perales  Francisco Lopez Poly GilBrian Boardman
 Team # 4 (White T-shirts)Beth Wicklander  <= CaptainHoward Wicklander Ray HigdonLonnie Nunley Tim Daugherty Tony Moses Robert Aguilar Francisco Gutierrez Carlos Guerra Rogaciano Esparza Conrad Rodricks 
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