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Here is the policy again for those who cannot figure out what sportsmanship means.

Pull your big kids and or put them in the back, I tell mine to shoot wide of the goal.
Put the bench kids up the front to score.

Shoot on yourself to keep it legit if need be.  Kinda of bogus but hey its youth sport
and not the MLS.


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Hello All, 
I hope you had fun and safe first weekend of soccer.  I would like to take a quick minute to remind everyone that Delgado competitive soccer is considered a developmental league and as such we have had a strict Goal Differential Policy for the past 3 years, hence running up the score with a spread of 7 or more is deemed unsportsmanlike conduct.  
Going forward any team found to be in violation of this policy will assessed 2 points in the standings the first time and 4 points each subsequent time. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. 
Have a great season, 
Nick Moezidis 
President, Delgado Competitive Soccer  
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