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Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 14 13:26:48 PDT 2008

Suggestions to have a blank send off report and pre adressed envelope  just in case
you or your player gets sent off.

This avoids it going to the head ref of the league then to the district ref then to Nick.
Helpful if you want your player or coach back on time.  Besides Nick likes to get mail
from SSJ. 

Link to the addresss and its at the bottom of the email


Send off reports link page

Team staff should have an addressed, stamped envelope
containing a blank send off report available for the referee in the
event of a send-off.
The envelope should be addressed to:
Delgado League
Send Off Reports
Nick Moezidis, Delgado League President
748 Shearton Drive
San Jose, CA 95117

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