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KAREN BEUERLEIN tknolans at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 12 20:17:35 PDT 2009

The following items have already been selected for opening day booths.  Due to the overwhelming response for booths this year their is some overlapping of items, however I have tried to keep each teams main item as unique.  I apologize if my responses have been less than timely for this event.  If you are unable to participate in opening day as planned let me know so that I may offer that item to other teams.  

Team                        Item 1                        Item 2

Lions                        Hot Dogs                    Coffe and Donuts, gift check books

Indios                        Tacos                        Horchata

Pumas                       Nachos                    Corn

Raiders                    Ice Cream                Popcicles

Dragons                    Rootbeer floats        Hubcap chips, soda and water

Hot Shots                Carmel Apples            Otter Pops, Cookies, Rice Crispie Treats

Hurricanes                Pizza

Fury                            Cookies / Brownies/ cupcakes

Club America            Hamburgers

Tigers                        Fruit cup /water/ soda

Rush                            umberella Stands
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