[SSJ-Coaches] opening day and pictures - please forward on to your teams

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Sun Aug 16 16:47:10 PDT 2009

Opening day is approaching quickly.  I still need volunteers to help with the festiviites.  Your families can work 3 hour shifts to fullfill your volunteer reimbursement commitment.  Have your parents contact me for volunteer activities.

We will have fun activities on opening day.  A league game at 10:00AM - the "Opening Day Bowl" as well as a coaches game.

Stay for Lunch! Many of our Competitive teams will be hosting booths to raise money.  There will be pizza, tacos, hot dogs, tomales and so much more.  The money raised will help to defray the costs of tournaments and other activities.


I have heard that the Delgado schedules are out.  If you have a game scheduled on the 13th let me know so that I can arrange your pictures around that.  Also if you plan on playing in the coaches game let Ghasan know before the 20th.  I will be creating the picture schedule next weekend and it should be available by the 24th.  

Once the schedule is complete it is very difficult to make changes - I will try to accomodate change requests but I cannot guarentee it.  We will have one make up date for teams who can not make it on picture day.  Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate individuals who miss the pictures.

Our photographer runs a very tight ship and the pictures will be on time.  Your team should assemble 15  minutes prior to your scheduled time.

The league provides a memory mate pack for each player.  A memory mate is one team and one additional picture.  Additional packages are available and are listed on the envelopes distributed by the coaches.  Each player must have a completed envelope in their hands at the time of the pictures regardless of whether they are purchasing additional packages.  Envelopes will be available on opening day, however I encourage you to use the envelope that you were given in the interest of avoiding waste.
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