[SSJ-Coaches] Coaches game on Sunday Sept 13th -- SSJYSL Opening Day

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Hello coaches,


Last year's first coaches game was successful and we are planning another this year on the Opening Day -- Sunday Sept 13th.

I will be organizing the game. Please let me know if you are interested to participate. Those who get back to me by August 20th will have their team's photo time scheduled around the game. Those who get back to me after August 20th might end up with a schedule conflict.


When you get back to me, please rate your fitness and soccer skill levels using the simple scale low/mid/high. The self-rating will assist be forming the two teams. The self-rating information will remain confidential and discarded after the teams are formed.


Fitness: High/Mid/Low

Soccer skills: High/Mid/Low


More info about the game:


- Will consists of two halves -- each half is 25 minutes. 

- Each team will consists of around 9 players including the goal keeper

- The league will provide at least a center ref

- The game will be played by noon time -- time to be decided later.

- U6 to U16 Rec coaches and assistant coaches can participate

- Head coaches will be given priority over assistant coaches to allow as many rec teams to be represented

- Safety is of highest importance. PLEASE NO SLIDE TACKLE. Bear in mind that not everyone in the game is physically fit. 

- Role modeling in front of the kids is important. There is no need to get mad or get into an argument with the ref.

- The game's purpose is for everyone (coaches and spectators) to have fun

- You are welcome to show off your "soccer moves" as long as they are safe to you and others.

- The game is an "exhibition" game consisting of coaches with different levels of skills and fitness. WINNING IS NOT IMPORTANT. Please avoid playing and keeping the ball between only those who are skillful and fit. It is highly desirable for all coaches to participate in the game.


Since we are planning for around 18 coaches to participate, you need to hurry to sign-up in case you are interested.



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