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This new guest player rule is for league play and will only apply to class 1 teams only.  Class 3 teams cannot have guest players in league play.  They can have them in tournaments.
Sorry for the confusion.




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The Board passed a new Guest Player PIM
last weekend.  It doesn’t really affect tournaments too much (other
than it removed the section prohibiting guest players from U10 teams).  Essentially
it added a section that allows guest players in league play.


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Hi Kathi,


Here is the revised version of PIM 09-3
that was approved at the Board meeting.





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The only feedback I received on PIM 09-3 was from Kathi and Shirley.
Based on their feedback I have made the following changes to PIM 09-3

Let me know if you need any other changes made.





Changes made:


·     A
0   Replaced
all instances of “membership card” with “member pass”


·         Section

ü  Changed “Teams
participating in a CYSA recognized
statewide (ie: any district may provide teams to participate) Division 1
playing league”

To remove the division 1 restriction:

“Teams participating in a CYSA
recognized statewide (ie: any district may provide teams to participate)
playing league”


·         Section

ü  Removed 
“(ii) Players on U10 or younger teams may not participate as guest

ü  Added:

“(ii) Each guest player must have a completed Guest Player Form
1611 with all the required signatures. “


·         Section

ü  Changed “The
official team roster may never exceed eighteen (18) players.”


“The official team roster may never exceed the maximum number of
players as approved by the CYSA


·         Section

ü  Changed “Teams
using non-CYSA20affiliated guest
players for a tournament must provide the following for each guest player:


“Out of State or International teams playing in an unrestricted CYSA tournament must provide the following for each
guest player:”




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