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Below is the list of coaches/assistant coaches who signed up for the coaches' game on Sept 13th. I still have openings in case any is still interested. Again, all comp/rec coaches/assistant coaches are illegible to participate.


- If you are listed but you are not participating in the game, please let me know to remove you from the list

- If you are not listed yet have expressed interest to participate, just let me know and I will add your name

- If any of the info included in the list in incorrect, provide correction


Andy Dorian               SSJ Skyhawks             C3       BU14
Miguel Lopez              SSJ Tigers                   C3       GU14
Julianna Smith                                                 Rec      BU12
Jorge Prado                SSJ Dragons                C3       BU10
Marc McIsaac            SSJ Fire Hawks           Rec      BU8
Jeff Redclift                 SSJ Dragons                C3       BU10
Dennis Montejano       SSJ Dragons                C3       BU10
Amy Venegas                                                  Rec      GU12
Jeremy Leroux            SSJ Terminators            Rec      BU8
Jerry Taylor                SSJ Blue Diamonds       Rec      GU8
Carrie Newton            SSJ Blue Diamonds       Rec      GU8
Carlos Guerra             SSJ Pumas                    C3       BU17
Roger Esparza            SSJ Pumas                    C3       BU17
Jay Wagner                SSJ Tigers                     C3       GU14


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