[SSJ-Coaches] schedule for Fall 2009

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Thu Aug 27 23:18:02 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,

last Monday two field coordinators and myself sat down for a few hours
to create the schedule for this Fall. The games are online, visible on
your teams webpage. We tried to give all teams equal access to our
different fields, and to schedule the games by age group when possible
to simplify referee scheduling.


1. check that you have a game scheduled on all the correct days,
   if not, send me an email ASAP.

3. if you need to reschedule a game for some reason do not send me an
   email until Monday (I need to do rec games over the weekend, and
   chances are that I will just lose the email if you send it earlier)

4. note that I will only honor rescheduling requests that

    - are sent by a coach or manager that is listed on the teams webpage
      (you can add up to four persons on your webpage). This way once I
      make the change the person asking for the change will
      automatically get an email from the website). Emails from other
      people will be ignored.

    - include team name, age group, gender and class (too many teams
      with similar names), preferable in the email subject

    - please put as much information into the subject of the email as
      possible ("hi" is not useful, but "SSJ Rush U14B needs to
      reschedule game on 9/20" is very useful to find those emails and
      to make the changes quickly).

    - If you don't hear from me within 24h and the game has not
      been moved send a reminder. If that does not work call me (256
      0063), as in that case your emails were probably eaten by the spam

5. Game cancellation: if you need to cancel a game on short notice (the
   week before the game), you need to send an email to me AND to the
   referee scheduler. If you cancel a game after 8pm on Thursday before
   the weekend of the game you will have to pay the referees anyway!

This year we have only access to Gunderson, so each team gets 1 turf
game, a few teams got 2 turf games. If you need to reschedule your turf
game you will probably not be able to get one this year.

We have access to a new field for about 6 Sundays, its called the Ramac
field and in the area where IBM used to be (off Cottle road). Some
people in the league are also working on yet another field, if it works
out you might find that some of your games get moved to that field (if
that happens you can expect that the time of your game will most likely
not change, and either way you will get an email notification).

Rain out: most of our fields can be played on even if there is some
rain, if fields need to be closed you will be notified via email by the
field coordinators, and the website will have information on the main
page too.

Greetings, Claudio

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