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Attached please find the schedule for picture day.  I hope I was able too accomodate those who made special requests.  Now that the schedule has been published it is very difficult to make changes, however I will accomodate changes to to scheduled games.  Please inform me of any requests for changes by September 6.  The finalized schedule will be sent to the photographer at that time and no additional changes will be made. There will be an as yet unscheduled make up day for those teams who are unable to be presesent on picture day.  Please check that your team name and your name have been spelled correctly on the photo schedule.  If I have made any mistakes - and I am sure that I have- I will correct them.  If your team name did not appear on the SSJYSL website it will not appear on the photography schedule.  Please email me your team name so that I can update the master to give to the photographer.  

Please have your team ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Each child must have an envelope in their hand as they enter the photography area even if no additional pictures will be taken.

Envelopes have been issued and include the prices of the offered packages.  If you do not have an evnvelope some will be available at the event, however, please try to avoid waste by using the issued envelope.

The league provides one "Memory Mate" picture for each player.  The memory mate includes a team picture and a individual protrait.

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