[SSJ-Coaches] : 2009 D2 Spring League Registration is open

Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 10:39:59 PST 2009

If you are playing spring, its time to get jiggy with it and sign up.

Don Crawford
SSJ Delgado rep and VP
League Presidents,

2009 D2 Spring League online team registration is now open.

Please direct your teams to http://cysadistrict 2.gotsport. com/ 

Follow the D2 Spring Online Registration link on the left for information and instructions on completing online team registration.
NOTE: Your team has to also be properly registered by your League Registrar with the CYSA system before your online team registration can be accepted by the D2 Spring League.

There are some significant changes to the D2 Spring League Rules starting with this year to facilitate more team and player flexibility for development across teams in the same District II club.

Melinda Rainville (District II Registrar) will be communicating to the League Registrars, any additional information that they need to know.

Here are the salient changes in 2009 D2 Spring League:

	* District II teams participating in the D2 Spring League are now proper 'secondary' or 'Spring' teams and have a proper Spring roster in the LeagueOne Registration system.
	* All District II Spring teams will be issued BLUE D2 Spring passes which require photographs.
	* D2 Spring League will NOT allow the use of fall passes for District II teams.

	* All non-District II teams will continue to use fall passes as they are only permitted to play D2 Spring as properly credentialed CYSA teams limited to 18 players on their official CYSA roster.

	* The maximum number of players allowed on a District II team's Spring roster is 26 (twenty-six).
	* The minimum number of players required on a District II team's Spring roster is:
	* U8 and U9 teams must have a minimum of 10 (ten) players on the Spring roster.

	* U10 and above teams must have a minimum of 13 (thirteen) players on the Spring roster.

	* A District II player can only be on the roster of one District II Spring team.

	* Teams are limited in the number of players that can participate in any one D2 Spring match as follows:
	* U8 and U9: limited to 13 (thirteen) players on match day.
	* i.e. can only present thirteen player passes to the referee.

	* U10 and above: limited to 18 (eighteen) players on match day.
	* i.e. can only present eighteen player passes to the referee.

	* District II players may play matches with multiple teams in the D2 Spring League as long as they meet the following conditions:
	* All players on the District II Spring team at a match must be from the same CLUB (not necessarily from the same Registration League)
	* i.e. the Team ID prefix on the BLUE player pass must indicate that the player is registered on a D2 Spring roster in the same club 

	* e.g. an MVLA player may play on another MVLA team but not on an SASC team
	* MVLA and SASC are two clubs in the same League of Registration (Foothill).

	* All players must be of the proper age group (or younger) for the match.

To use the online team registration, teams should use the same team account that they used to register for fall 2008 District II Cup or any tournament organized on the gotsoccer system.

If they did not participate in the fall 2008 District II Cup or are a new team, they can easily create a new team account  on the gotsoccer system..

Online registration closes on Monday, March 2nd.

I will be posting more regarding the procedures for D2 Spring League linked in on the pages of the same site above - i.e.  http://cysadistrict 2.gotsport. com/ 

All Registration Leagues are expected to have their Delgado representative (or other D2 Spring rep) attend the D2 Spring board meeting at 7:30pm on Thursday, March 5th along with a check made out to "District II Spring League" for the total number of confirmed teams from their League. Location will be posted on the same site and also to the calendar.

George Tharakan
D2 Spring League Commissioner

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