[SSJ-Coaches] changes to teams on webpage

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Thu Jan 22 12:08:52 PST 2009

According to the list of coaches and teams I got from the league the 
following changes will be made,
If you find an error please let me know ASAP.

Thanks, Claudio

(note: Age groups are for Spring 2009, all teams will move up by one age 
group in Fall 2009)

changes for Boys teams

        U8: David Serrano (NEW)
            Alejandro Mejia (NEW, PSA )
        U9:  Alejandro Mejia (NEW, PSA )
        U10: PSA Storm renamed to PSA United
        U12: SSJ Club America moved up one age group
        U12: New coach for Chelsea White: Mike Karr
        U13: PSA United White renamed to PSA United
             PSA Arsenal Gold renamed to Arsenal
             PSA Barcelona Blue renamed to Barcelona
        U15: Pumas USA is now a class 3 team
        U18: SSJ Clash and SSJ Ruckus no longer exist

Changes for Girl teams:

        U9: new team Jaime Avalos
        U12: Justing Weiss (NEW, PSA)
        U12: Justing Weiss (NEW, PSA)
        U16: Impact no longer exists
        U17: Tornados no longer exists
        U19: Freeze no longer exists

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