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This year all player registration and rostering
of players to a D2 spring paper team will be done using the LeagueOne

I need all teams that are playing spring to send me a roster of who is on your team for spring.  I will need their name and birthdate.  I need this to register the team in the system.  I must have this information by February 28.  If not received and you don't get registered online by March 2, you will not be playing Spring Soccer.  You can always add players after the deadline.


Teams will still register for the spring playing
league on the D2 spring website. (Same process as was used for registering for
Delgado or Abronzino). 

The D2 website will open for registration on
February 15th.

Team fee is $450.00

Teams must be registered online by March 2nd. You do not need to enter player information, just team and coach information.

U8/U9 teams must have at least 10 players on the
roster (they play 8 on the field)

U10 and above – roster must have 13
players (U10 plays 11 on the field for spring)

U9 and U10 age groups are not allowed to play up
a year


CYSA will be providing player passes printed on
light blue paper stock for use during the spring season so that they are
easily distinguishable from the fall season player passes. 


The spring rosters will be printed on pastel
blue paper stock (it's kind of turquoise in color).



At  a very high level:

League registrars will print the passes and
rosters and return them to team. The team will glue the pictures and laminate the

Form 1628 (Staff registration and risk
management disclosure) must be completed and submitted to the District for any
new team officials that are being rostered to a team.

Form 1601 (California Youth Soccer Assoc
Membership) must be completed for any players new to CYSA. The fee for new players is $25.00.

Spring players wishing to be rostered on a Fall
Team in addition to being rostered on the spring team, must be processed for
the Fall season in the usual manner.


Let me know if you have any questions. 


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