[SSJ-Coaches] Delgado teams, you need to be in submit status for your team

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Coaches in Delgado.

A lot of you are in edit mode and not submitted status.

Go to the coach section on the left and under Registration is the submit

Submit This is where you complete registration and submit your team's application to the PlayingLeague. You must complete this step if your team intends to play in one of the Playing Leagues. Skip this step and don't hit SUBMIT and your Team will NOT play.


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If you have not turned in your team paperwork, Sunday is the last day.  I need at least 11 players and coaches forms to consider your team a valid team.  If I do not have this I will not
verify your team and you will not be playing class 3 or 1 this fall.  Even if you have signed up on the website, if I don't have your paperwork you will not play.

Also,  I need all coaches registration forms if you have not turned them in.  Please submit with a copy of your coaching license if you have taken a class within the last 9 months.


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