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Sent: Wed, Jul 15, 2009 5:11 pm
Subject: Rotary Cup Looking for Fill in Teams for August 15th and 16th

Greeting Coaches and Managers,


One last attempt to find teams interested20in filling spots for the Rotary Cup.


The Rotary Cup is looking for 2 fill-in teams or participating teams to fill out a U15 and U16 girls division.


The game times for Saturday 8/15 are as follows:


U15 Girls:


Mid County Strikers


Fill in


Fill in


Roseville United


U16 Girls


NV San Jose Milan 93


Fill in


Fill in


P. Rage Orange


The game times for Sunday 8/16 are as follows:


U15 Girls:


Diablo FC94 Ambush


Fill in


U16 Girls:


5th in points 


Fill in


CYSA Policy on Fill In Teams:

In order to provide all teams the minimum number of games, if a tournament is short of entrants in any age group, a fill-in team may be used to complete a bracket. Fills in teams are to be used only to fill a vacancy in a tournament bracket that cannot otherwise be filled.

1.     Fill-in teams are defined as a team comprised of at least one credentialed coach and up to any 18 players registered within any single CYSA district and which is qualified to play in the age group and gender classification of the tournament (regardless of division).

a.     Eac
h player on the fill-in team must have a valid US Youth Soccer member pass and a properly completed US Youth Soccer membership form. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS REQUIREMENT!

b.    Each coach of the fill-in team must have a valid US Youth Soccer member pass.


a.     Teams listed on the reject list shall be given first right of refusal for the vacancy unless the tournament director can demonstrate a valid reason not to accept the team(s) on the rejection list. (for example, a team that had submitted a NSF check, a team that had previously attended the tournament and had a record of bad behavior, etc.)

3.     Fill-in teams will not be charged an entry fee. Actual results for all games involving fill-in teams will not be included in the tournament standings. All games in which they participate will be scored as a forfeit in favor of their opponent.

4.     A fill-in team is not eligible for any awards other than participation awards.

5.     Fill-in games are not considered to be competition for the fill-in team; therefore, eligibility for future tournament, league and cup play will not be affected.

6.       Prior to the tournament taking place, both the Tournament Director and the participating fill-in team must notify the fill-in 
team’s District Commissioner of their participation in the tournament. The tournament director must advise the fill in team of their responsibility to notify their District Commissioner.


        If your team is interested in participating in the 9th Annual Rotary Cup, either has a fill in team or a participating team, please contact me as soon as possible.


Thanks, Marty


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