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anh nguyen ssjyslcomp at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 27 21:46:44 PDT 2009

Hello Coaches,
South San Jose League will host two courses:
F Course - Aug. 21-22, location Gunderson or Bernal
E Course - Aug 28, 29, 30, location Gunderson or Bernal
If you plan to attend, please send a check $50, payable to SSJYSL to:
Anh Nguyen
5037 Gazania Dr.
San Jose  CA  95111
Once I receive your check, I will put you on the class.  Upon successful completion, the check will be returned to you.  
I have also attached the coaching license requirements from Distrcit II for your reference.
Thank you
Best Regards,

Anh Nguyen  
SSJYSL Comp./Coaching Dir. 

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