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"Competitive Uniforms
New for 2009! 
As of the 2004 season all competitive (Division/Class 1 and Division/Class 3) teams are required to use the SSJYSL uniform standard. Effective January 12, 2009 the uniform standard has been changed.  The league no longer requires the use of a specific uniform style, however, the following standards must be met to play in SSJYSL and receive the uniform rebate.   
Uniforms must be in league colors which are royal blue, white and gold.  Any combination of these colors may be used, however, no other predominate color is allowed. 
The SSJYSL league logo MUST appear on the left chest of the jersey.  It may be printed in royal blue, white or gold. 
Player numbers must be printed in royal blue, white or gold. 
Socks must be royal blue, gold or white.
We use 8" numbers on the jerseys (royal numbers on white or gold jerseys, white or gold numbers on royal jerseys). You can also put 4" numbers on your shorts if you want .
To reiterate, ALL uniforms must have the SSJYSL league logo on the left chest.  Soccer Pro on Saratoga Avenue and Asby Sports on North Capitol Avenue both have the league logo on file, but you may purchase your uniforms from any vendor you choose. " 

So why are we now talking about selecting a one source for the competitive uniforms?  I know I was on vacation for the last board meeting, so was there a change in the vote regarding uniforms?  From reading the minutes there was no discussion regarding competitive uniforms.  No discussion, no motion, no second, NO VOTE!!

I know some competitive teams have already purchased uniforms for the coming falls season.  My team will be using the same "past league required uniforms" this coming fall 2009 season, so this is not a issue that I am fighting because the SSJ Lions just purchasing "new" uniforms.  Or are you telling me now I have to purchase new uniforms for the FALL 2009 season, per the contract!  A couple of my parents just replaced smaller uniforms with the past standard required uniforms and our team's plan is to use these uniforms for the next two years!!

My concern is why we are spending time on this uniform issue to begin with?  

The only "standard" that I see necessary is selecting a uniform is for the rec program!  There I would have to support the lowest cost (taking some quality into consideration) being we provide the rec program with "new uniforms" each year.  The cost associated with the uniforms mentioned below is to high for the rec program!  Remember what ever we pay for the rec uniform needs to be reimbursed to the comp teams!  I do not think you want a $60 - $140 reimbursement for uniforms to the competitive teams!  If a competitive team wants to expend $300 or just $50 for their teams uniforms let them make the choice!

Sorry but as a board member I do not support any of the competitive uniform contracts as noted below, and will not support or vote for any league required competitive uniforms.  Board members, we just went through FIVE years of problems because of this issue and I do not want to continue to waste the league's time over the "standard required uniform issue" again.  Board Members, let us not change our policy every time the wind blows in a different direction!  DO NOT SUPPORT A REQUIRED COMPETITIVE UNIFORM manufacture or distributor!!!

I will support the selection of a standard "recreational" uniform, manufacture and distributor and an extended contract.

Jeff, thank you for all your work on this issue and hope you understand my position to not support a four year " league standard competitive uniform" contract.

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at
Soccer line (408) 227-4163

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    I apologize for the delay, but it took me awhile to obtain the level of detail I thought you should have (READ THE ENTIRE EMAIL).  In short the following items are what I think we should vote on. I've included some potential uniform selections (attachment) from the vendors discussed below.  Please email me back on your vote of choice A.Challenger or B. Dayak's Den and if B. then which number 1 through 4(company you would like to go with).  Email me back by Sun Noon please, thanks - 

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