[SSJ-Coaches] BBQ's , Fire pits any sort of fire on OGSD grounds

Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 15 15:03:52 PDT 2009


I just received an email today from the Head of OGSD fields. 

There are no fires allowed on any school property for OGSD, 
No BBQ's, fire pits, flare guns and or flame throwers!

Please use a city park for any end of season parties if you need a BBQ.

Reminder,  We are there at the will of the school district.  Please remember to pick up
all garbage you and your team makes, keep balls off fences and don't jump fences. 
Keep the noisedown early AM when setting up and Park in the parking lots and not on blacktops. 
Be mindful and respectful of the neighbors as well.

Thanks for your help

Don Crawford

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