[SSJ-Coaches] Delgado Registration Closes July 6

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To all the Delgado coaches  if you have not signed up you need to do so ASAP.

The gate closes July 6 which is Monday. 


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Subject: Delgado dates  Registration is open on the 12

THis is only for Class 3 or Comp or Delgado Coaches that have been approved
by the board for fall 2009.  

Delgado registration will open on June 12 and closes July 6th


You need to be approved by the league first and then sign up via the Delgado web site
to make it into the Delgado.  You must also submit the form.  For the newbies read the site
information carefully.


Subject: Delgado dates and fees

D2 calendar with all dates.

Delgado dates
June 12 - July 6th Registration.  Closes July 6th
July 6th to July13  Registrars make list of approved teams and Checks due on July 13th
    250 per team.

July 13th to July 27th  Draft divisions
Aug 10th final divisions seeding deadline.
Aug 17 drafts of schedules.
Aug 24th final schedules

First games Sept 12th

Mandatory Coaches meeting Aug 20th   2 point deduction for no shows - All Delgado coaches
must be there.   Each league will have attendance sign ins..........


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