[SSJ-Coaches] are you looking for players for next year??

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL) rec at ssjysl.org
Fri Oct 9 08:11:29 PDT 2009

Hi Coaches,

the U10 and U12 jamboree for rec players are coming up in November, if 
you are a team that is looking for players in that age group I urge you 
to come out (especially on Sunday for the consolation finals and 
championship games). You get to see all rec players in games, you can  
talk to the coaches about individual players that might be interested to 
move to comp, and talk to the parents as many of them have no idea that 
we even have comp teams!

If you come it would be best to have a flyer for your team ready, with 
contact info, cost for players, tournament info etc, that you can give 
to interested players and parents, and invite them to your next 
practice. I would also appreciate it if you could drop me an email email 
if you come so that I know whom to expect.

Details regarding the two jamborees are here:

Thanks, Claudio


Claudio Fleiner, Rec Director, SSJYSL, rec at ssjysl.org

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